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10 Ways With Cranberries

Dried and delicious, cranberries are perfect year-round.

By BTYB Ocean Spray
We think that cranberries might just be the underdogs of the berry world. As they can't be grown commercially in Australia due to climate, it's difficult to get your hands on fresh varieties. But that's where dried cranberries and juice come into play. The little red fruit can be baked into sweet treats, used to concoct delicious drinks, and add a vibrant taste to everyday dinner dishes. Plus, they're bursting with antioxidants and fibre. Below we've pulled together some of our favourite recipes starring this superfruit.
If you're looking for an alternative to traditional hot cross buns at Easter, here is your answer. These pull-apart buns are created with the same basic mix and strewn with sweet white chocolate and juicy cranberries for a tart twist.
When life gives you limes, grab salt and tequila! And in this case – Light Cranberry Classic by Ocean Spray. Now you've got a classic margarita with the crisp taste of cranberries, and with-out all the sugar.
Autumn calls for trans-seasonal lunches, such as this light and fluffy couscous salad. The steaming couscous is folded with fresh bursts of orange slices and cranberries. Add toasted pistachio nuts for much-needed crunch.
Forget the routine peppermint, green or English breakfast. This surprising cranberry chai and mint tea adds a tangy and soothing escape at the end of the day. The recipe can also be adapted to iced tea: just pour over ice and spritz with soda.
Choc-cranberry ricotta tarts Chocolate and cranberry are a match made in dessert heaven. And this choc-cranberry ricotta tart recipe is a perfect example. Created with prepared puff pastry, the tarts are easy to whip up in just half an hour.
Smoky cranberry quesadilla A vibrant cranberry salsa mix is the perfect addition to these smoky quesadillas. Ocean Spray's Craisins® Dried Cranberries is the hero of the salsa, creating a smoky-tangy flavour combo that is a quick-and-easy dinner when you're in a pinch.
Don't know what to bake for morning or afternoon tea? Try this crowd-pleasing, sweet and spicy yeast bread to delight your guests. It's twisted up with pecans, dried cranberries and dark chocolate – packing a mighty antioxidant punch.
This cranberry Szechuan sauce is the definition of versatility. It can be used to sauté tofu, stir-fry vegetables, noodles, grilled meats and more. Prep ahead and keep in the fridge for a quick go-to for midweek meals.
Crispy, tender, sweet, savoury… this dish has it all. This decadent roast pork is stuffed with dried cranberries and pistachios, putting a modern spin on the traditional roast dinner.
Did someone say sangria? This crowd-pleasing cocktail is an explosion of fresh fruit, spices, and a twist on the usual - white wine! – so it's refreshing in Summer. It's best served in a jug for sharing (once sangria is on the table, it's a free-for-all!).
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