Is this dress appropriate for a wedding? The internet can’t decide


If you’ve ever been invited to a wedding, the invite normally gives you some vague dress code cue, such as ‘black tie’, ‘smart casual’ or ‘cocktail’, but the truth is there’s way more to wedding guest dressing than simply finding a ‘nice dress’.

In fact, the list of what’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ often feels so dang long that just give up and resort to buying a brand new dress just for the occasion. As far as colours go, you can’t wear black, white, red, cream, blush or anything considered too ‘short’, ‘casual’ or ‘sexy’.

I mean, we don’t want to get this reaction when we rock up to our friend’s nuptials do we?

Basically, it’s a total minefield and nobody really knows what they’re doing so they all end up opting for some version of a pink shift.

But what about items of clothing that feature the ~FoRbIdDeN~ colours as part of a pretty pattern? Well one Reddit user, honeycomehome, has asked just this, sharing a picture of a white and red floral dress with the question ‘is this dress too white to wear to a wedding?’.

And, the internet being the internet, everyone had an opinion.

Some said the dress wasn’t really ‘white’, per se, but more ‘floral’, and so it was totally fine to wear.

Meanwhile, others said that if you’re not sure about it, it’s probably a no-go (y’know, ’cause it’s better safe than sorry).

Honestly, who even knows anymore?

Our advice? If you’re in this predicament, save yourself some cash and just borrow a dress from a mate, as you do not want to be ‘that person’ who triggers the bridezilla on her big day. Just sayin’.

Story via: Cosmopolitan

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