Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer has an at-home isolation wardrobe that may as well be on the Oscar’s red carpet

The 29-year-old is quietly slaying at-home style one couture piece at a time...
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Lady Kitty Spencer, the 29-year-old niece of the late Princess Diana is known for her fashion prowess at the best of times.

But she’s proved that even when times are most tough, keeping calm and styling it out is the name of the game.

Well, that much has been proven if one were to take a quick glance at her recent posts on Instagram.

It all started with a new post on June 10, a fair way into the quarantine period, we might add.

We like to think she’s been spending all of this time deliberating her very best outfits, and now, she’s decided to share them with the world.

The first outfit was a pair of beautiful satin pyjamas decked out with some pretty special bling.

In the post, taken from what looks to be her home bathroom (decked out with a casual chandelier), Kitty explained that she had teamed up with luxury brand Bulgari to support charity Save the Children UK.

“The @bulgari @savechildrenuk jewellery collection carries a direct donation with each purchase and currently this is supporting their COVID-19 Emergency Fund,” she wrote.

Lady Kitty was decked out in some very luxurious jewellery from her home.


A week later, the royal shared another at-home post with yet another glorious outfit.

Wearing what looks to be a beautiful green trench-style dress, the 29-year-old wore some more beautiful silver and gold jewellery – along with a standout watch.

Yes, this is lady Kitty’s casual at-home attire…


Her most recent snap might be the best of the lot.

Wearing a beautiful white halter dress, accessorised with some seriously blinging Bulgari pieces, Lady Kitty looked red carpet ready… from her lounge room.

With makeup perfected and not a hair out of place, we’re pretty sure this is taking at-home style to an extreme!

Lady Kitty’s third and final outfit was the best of the lot.


Lady Kitty’s followers are clearly big fans of her style.

In the comments, one wrote: “Love it I always try to derive from your style,” – which we can’t really blame them for.

Another summed it up with a simple, “WOW”. Very apt.

Someone else added: “Kitty you look like a model,” – a statement we wholeheartedly agree with.

Of course, not all of us have the means to wear such designer pieces on a casual day at home, but that said, we’re no less impressed with Kitty’s dedication to never letting her flair for style die.

And of course, we’ll remain quite content in our trackies and hoodies for the foreseeable.

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