“To me, it is dumb…” Jessica Rowe SLAMS the Golden Globes’ black-dress silent protest

“It’s not a good way of sending the right message.”
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Today marks the day that Hollywood’s finest (Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie, included) attend the 75th Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton in LA, California.

It is also a day that will go down in history, with Tinseltown’s elite unified in wearing black to signify their decision to support the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements aimed at fighting against the sexual assault allegations that have plagued the Academy over the last 12 months.

And while celebrities including Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams and Angelina Jolie wore their black gowns proudly, it’s Aussie TV presenter Jessica Rowe who isn’t having a bar of it.

Opening up on Studio 10‘s daily panel, Rowe, 47, called the black-dress protest “dumb”, stating that it is a “tokenistic” gesture.

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“It’s wonderful that the women are finding their voice, that we are speaking up, but to me it is dumb to wear black on the red carpet,” she said.

“Just don’t do it. Don’t do it…”

“They’re still going to be wearing designer black, they’re going to still be looking gorgeous, and wonderful… To me, it is tokenistic and it’s not a good way of sending the right message.”

Eva Longoria Bastón at the Golden Globe Awards.

Like Eva, Kate Hudson donned all black for the Globes’ red carpet.

Rowe then went on to suggest that if guests of the awards show could have simply not shown up to the event, or wear red or purple dresses as a sign of defiance.

Her co-panellist Joe Hilderband agreed, adding: “The last great Hollywood protest movement about the treatment of women was the Ask Her More Campaign which said, ‘We don’t want to be defined by what we’re wearing on the red carpet, we want to be taken seriously as actresses’.”

“And then the very next social protest movement in Hollywood is one in which they’re defining themselves entirely by what they’re wearing on the red carpet,” he said.

Emilia Clarke joined the celebrity masses in wearing black as a silent protest.

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