Ready to make 2022 the year of style? Four glasses trends we’re keeping an eye on right now

Who says glasses can’t be functional AND fashionable?
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Whether they’re an everyday necessity, or a once-in-a-while accessory, there’s no reason your glasses should be boring.

Just like clothing, spectacle styles come and go… and with zoom meetings and working from home meaning more people than ever our seeing our specs, there’s no denying eyeglasses are having a major fashion moment right now.

From hints of wild detailing, to rims that make a statement, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends in the glasses world to start wearing right now.

Crystal clear

Celebs like Snezana Wood are loving invisible, yet unmissable, clear acetate frames.

(Image: Instagram @snezanawood)

This trend means your glasses will be as crystal clear as your vision. Invisible, yet unmissable, clear acetate frames are taking over our Instagram feeds and the faces of our favourite celebs.

Think of it as a refreshing take on the dainty eyewear trend – see-through frames mean shapes can be bigger and bolder without taking over your face or outfit.

For a more colourful take on this trend, try frames that have the tiniest hint of pastel tint, like lavender or soft blue.

It’s all in the detail

Limited Edition Alex Perry 87, two pairs single vision $249, from Specsavers.

(Image: Specsavers)

If eyes are the window to your soul, then they’re the perfect place to show off your style. Use your glasses to introduce a bit of unexpected fun and detail into your look: striking accents, a bit of bling and a hint of animal print.

We love this limited-edition pair by Alex Perry (released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between Specsavers and the Australian fashion designer) featuring a classic black metal frame, gold embellished sides and leopard-print tips.

With a softened cat-eye shape, these specs are the perfect balance between casual and glam and are just right for making a subtle style statement.

Lay it on thick

Make like Gillian Anderson with thick-rimmed, rectangular frames.

(Image: Getty)

The opposite of the clear frame trend, some prefer to go big and bold when it comes to their frames. Famous faces are embracing their inner “geek chic” and making their glasses the centre of attention with thick rims in dark colours.

The trend lends itself best to more rectangular shaped frames that really help to sharpen facial features.

Down to the wire

Wire frames are proving popular with fashion influencers.

(Image: Getty)

Perfect for the ‘barely-there’ glasses look, thin, wire frames are becoming a fast favourite amongst the fashion influencer set.

Super delicate and almost invisible to the naked eye, this style suits those wanting a more pared-back and sophisticated look.

The minimalist metal frames come in most shapes that will suit almost every face – choose a pair in rose-gold or soft silver for a simple, yet timeless, look.

Find your perfect style match with the Alex Perry Limited Edition collection, available in Specsavers stores nationally from March 17.

Sponsored by Specsavers.

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