Feeling uncomfortable in your bra? It’s time to get fitted!

Feeling uncomfortable in your bra? It's time to get fitted!

When was the last time you were fitted for a bra? If you can’t remember or have never been fitted, there is no better time than the present, particularly during the month of October.

Not only will you be giving yourself a more comfortable fit, you will also be helping to raise much-needed funds for breast cancer research, with Bras N Things donating $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation every time someone gets fitted at a store.

Bras N Things fitting specialist Carla Lucato says some woman don’t completely understand the importance of being fitted properly for a bra.

“Eight out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra,” she said.

Carla recommends that every time you purchase a new bra you get fitted by a professional. Bras N Things offer free bra fitting consultations throughout their stores.

So, how do you know you’re wearing the wrong bra size? Carla says that if you can feel your bra throughout the day, it’s not the right size for you.

“A well fitted bra should be supportive, comfortable and flattering under the clothes that you are wearing,” Carla said.

“You shouldn’t even know that you’re wearing a bra.

“Your bra should be supportive and comfortable at all times. If you’re not getting fitted correctly you’ll be feeling your bra all day.”

Other than the uncomfortable factor of a bra that doesn’t fit correctly, Carla says it can “make or break an outfit”.

If you are wearing the incorrect bra size you will:

  • Feel uncomfortable

  • Your bra will sit poorly under your clothes

  • It will ride up your back

  • It will dig into your shoulders (where the strap sits)

  • It can cause bruising under arms

  • It may give you back pain

  • It may give you “double busts”, side cleavage and back cleavage

From October 10 to October 23, Bras N Things plan to fit 10,000 woman, raising $10,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

These funds will enable the foundation to fund research programs to cover every aspect of breast cancer, from increasing the understanding of genetics to improving ways to support women and their families.

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