A whooping 80 per cent of Aussie women are wearing the wrong bra size and there are a few reasons why

You better bra-lieve it.
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Whether you’re spilling out, straps are slipping down or feeling the band cutting off your circulation, many know the feeling of wearing an ill-fitting bra.

In fact, it’s a massive 80 per cent of us!

However, Bendon CEO Anna Johnson admits to Now To Love that though she was shocked by the results, research revealed that there are many reasons why this is the case.

Unlike Madonna, many of us are wearing the wrong bra.

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“Most women today had their first bra fitting experience decades ago, often for their first bra and then they get to their 20s and life just takes over,” she says, adding that the recommendation is to be fitted at least once every 12 months since our bodies change over the years.

“We get a lot of women who come in and tell us that their first bra fitting experience was their first and only, and the only reason they’ve decided it’s finally time for a fitting is because they are going through a lifestyle change like getting pregnant, or they have finally had enough of the everyday discomforts of a bad fitting bra after 30+ years!”

“Most women today had their first bra fitting experience decades ago, often for their first bra and then they get to their 20s and life just takes over.”

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They may look simple but Anna adds that bras are pretty complex and are often made up of minimum of 26 parts, so there is a lot of room for differences to exist.

“That’s why having an expert fitter, who not only knows what a good fit looks like but also have a repertoire of the entire range on offer to meet your needs is a free service every woman should call on,” she adds.

Anna adds that there’s another “sad reality” why many people avoid getting fitted by a professional.

“It can be uncomfortable for a lot of women to look at their bodies – let alone with a stranger in the room. For this reason, they might not have ever been fitted,” she says.

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There are three things to notice when it comes to whether your bra fits or not – the cups, the band and the straps.

The cup must enclose your entire breast without any spilling out of the sides or middle, nor should it be too loose and gaping.

When it comes to the band, it should form a straight line at the bottom and not be pulled up but also not too tight and as for straps, you should be able to place a finger between the strap and the shoulder with ease.

But if you’re still not convinced to get fitted, there are options!

The Sofia underwire bra is one of Bendon’s most popular picks. Buy it here for $74.95 at David Jones.

(Image: David Jones)

Bendon is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment above all else, when getting fitted.

“We are constantly tackling common misconceptions about bra fittings, like having to be naked or even just in your undergarments – fittings can be done over a t-shirt!” Anna explains.

“Nothing makes us prouder to do what we do than a woman walking out of our stores feeling confident and comfortable for life.”

Prefer to be fitted online rather than in person? Check out Bendon’s Find Your Fit tool here.

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