When are the Black Friday sales in Australia, 2017? Everything you need to know

Forget Click Frenzy - it's all about the Black Friday sales!

The Black Friday sales in Australia, 2017, will take place on November 24th, with 4.1 million Australians planning to shop till they drop.

Never heard of Black Friday? You’re not alone, 13% of Aussies haven’t heard of the epic sales day.

Don’t worry, we won’t let you miss out. We’ve developed a handy guide which will help you make to most of the deals.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, says: “The severe price cuts that come with Black Friday have been known to send bargain hunters into chaotic shopping brawls overseas.”

“While that is the extreme, December is notoriously the most expensive time of year, so these sales are a great opportunity to save on Christmas shopping,” she says.

Black Friday, like so many holidays in our calendar, started in the US and trickled around the world because, well, who doesn’t love a bargin?

Black Friday takes place at the end of November every year since the early 1950s and is still considered the biggest shopping date of the year and the first significant shopping weekend in the leadup to Christmas.

It’s no longer just the US who can take advantage of the seasonal deals. Forget Click Frenzy, because Australians will have a bevvy of exciting deals at their fingers tips this coming Friday.

Tips and tricks for shopping on Black Friday from

1. Start browsing now

Regardless of what is on the Christmas list, take time now to find what stores have the gifts you’re after. If you’re looking to pick something up for yourself, start bookmarking your favourite items for a speedy check-out once the offer comes through.

2. Check the shipping details

If you’re shopping on an overseas website, make sure to check if the retailer ships to Australia before browsing – there’s no point in getting excited over a deal only to find you can’t actually receive it. That being said, there are options such as Australia Post’s ShopMate service which you can use.

3. Sign up to newsletters

Signing up to a handful of retailers’ newsletters can be worth your while to stay on top of deals. They sometimes offer special discounts to subscribers or update shoppers when new styles are added.

4. Shop around

On the day, shop around in case you find a better deal elsewhere. For example, the same item at David Jones could be cheaper on another website that’s online only.

5. Be cautious with electronics

Again with overseas websites, remember that some electronics might not work. Buying a transformer for the appliance to work is likely to outweigh the saving.

The top stores offering great discounts for Black Friday 2017

Deals are being updated as they are available.

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