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7-year-old cancer survivor asks news reader out for friend live on air

I've got a question for you

Erin Cross has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia since she was just two-years-old. She is now seven-years-old and has spent years fighting for recovery, some days doctors told her parents she might not make it.

Just this month Erin was named a winner in the prestigious 2017 WellChild Award where she got to meet Prince Harry.

Erin and her Dad then featured on ITV Lunchtime News to celebrate the award. It was here Erin left reporter, Lucrezia Millarini, "blushing" after asking her live the reporter live on air if she was single.

Erin has been through chemotherapy, radiation treatment and a bone marrow transplant - so it's safe to say not much can phase this little warrior.

"I've got a question from a friend," says Erin.

"Are you single?"

The shocked news reporter was briefly flustered, clearly not expecting the question.

"Erin! I'm blushing" she managed to respond before regaining composure and moving on.

Erin was reportedly asking for her Dad, which is just downright adorable.

Erin also told the reporter that she has no met Prince Harry more times than his girlfriend (five in total). She also mentioned telling her Dad not to embarrass her with his daggy Dad dancing at the award ceremony.