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Women sharing times they've been shamed will move you to tears

“Let’s talk about shame. And, more importantly, let’s put a stop to it.”

By Holly Royce
Has someone ever said or done something that hurt or affected you?
While shame hurts both genders, it's undeniable that women and girls are subjected to a constant stream shaming In their lives. Some of this stems from unrealistic ideals of womanhood projected from a very young age and then continuously for their rest of a woman's life.
"Body shaming. Fat shaming. Slut shaming. Period shaming. Mother shaming. Food shaming. Gender shaming. Victim shaming. The list goes on," Artist Suzie Blake explains on her website.
The wall is centered around a photo of Suzie Blake posing as a pregnant teenage schoolgirl.
Australian Artist Suzie Blake is asking women to express themselves and to share their stories of pain and suffering caused by shaming in her interactive exhibition, The Wall of Shamed.
Suzie experienced more than her fair share of humiliation and degradation growing up.
"I started the project because of my personal experiences of having been shamed," she says.
A posting on the wall.
"I'd been told I needed to go to Jenny Craig as a child and was teased as a teenager because my breasts developed early
"These comments shaped who I am as a person, and I'm sure they had a lot to do with the eating disorders I experienced throughout my teens and early twenties."

Suzi is encouraging women to share their stories of shame either on the wall physically (currently on display Victorian College of the Arts Masters Graduate Exhibition) or by sharing their stories online online under the hashtag: #wallofshamed.
"Let's talk about shame. And, more importantly, let's put a stop to it," Suzie finishes.

The wall is currently being shown at the Victorian College of the Arts Masters Graduate Exhibition from 5th December to 10th December