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Woman shaves legs in QLD public pool, watch if you dare!

So, what, we’re all just going to start shaving our legs in public pools now?

By Rebel Wylie
For the second time in recent history a pool user has grossed out onlookers by shaving her legs in a public pool.
The woman, thought to be in her late 40s, was caught on film ever so casually shaving her legs and rinsing her razor in the popular Airlie Beach Lagoon pool water on Monday afternoon… as you do.
Witness and stealth videographer Daniel McKenzie tells the Daily Mercury he had just finished swimming in the lagoon when he noticed the woman treating the public pool like her own personal day spa.
"I'd just gotten out of the water and headed to my towel to lie in the sun after a good swim, and was shocked to see a woman shaving her legs poolside," McKenzie said.
"It was blatant; she wasn't even trying to hide it as she washed her razor off in the water."
"I just had to film it as it was so, so wrong. There would have been about six people in the water at the time."

In other news, public pools are freaking gross

There's no denying it, we all know we're playing Russian Roulette with hygiene when it comes to our local chlorine swamp.
There's every chance we're going to come into contact with a floating band-aid, and the wee ratio is anyone's guess.
However such a vomitous and blatant display of pool fouling is rarely seen.
Kind of rarely. It was only a couple of months ago that a woman was found shaving her legs on the steps of a Florida public pool full of children who later, we assume, were hospitalised with furballs.
Look, most of us have clocked a sunburnt Aussie dad sitting at a Balinese resort's swim up bar for 14 hours straight #WhatGoesInMustComeOut but somehow the visual impact of those leg hairs swirling amongst us takes it to the next level, am I right?
Ain't nobody got time for swallowing that.
So here's an idea … if everyone could just STOP DOING THIS that would be great.