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When is Easter 2018? Easter Sunday and April Fools' day will collide!

Easter is almost here! It's so close we can almost taste the chocolate.

By Holly Royce
Strap yourself in because Easter Sunday 2018 and April fools' day will be on the same day. The mind boggles at what this will mean for Easter egg hunting, keep this news from the kids at whatever cost.
Well regardless, crack open a chocolate egg or two (or three...) and get the carrots ready, the Easter long weekend is almost here!

When is Easter, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday?

This year Easter Friday will take place on the 30th of March in Australia, then will be followed by Holy Saturday on the 31st, Easter Sunday on April 1st and Easter Monday on the 2nd of April.
It's the perfect length of time to go camping, visit family or even just enjoy some time at home with the kids. There are endless Easter recipes to try, and it's the perfect time to catch up on all your favourite reality TV shows.
Ever wondered why the date changes every year?
The date for Easter changes every year because it will take place on the first full moon after March 21st.
It will almost always occur between March 22nd and April 25th.
If your Church doesn't follow the Gregorian calendar (which most western churches do), then the holy date can stretch as far as mid-may.
Confusing, but a great way to keep you on your toes!

Why is it called Easter?

No one is really sure of the origins of the word Easter, but it's not from the bible.
The strongest belief is that the word is based on the name of the Pagan goddess of spring, birth and fertility, Eastra.