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Ditching your bra in lockdown like Gillian Anderson could be doing you more harm than good

But it's so comfy without one!

By Maddison Leach
It looks like lockdown is here to stay for millions of Australians, which means working from home and living in trakkies for the foreseeable future.
For those of us who usually wear a bra every day, it may also mean a welcome break from those tight straps and digging underwires.
But is it actually a good idea to ditch your bra completely while working from home?
The experts say probably not.
Actress Gillian Anderson recently vowed to never wear a bra again while in lockdown. Instagram
Plenty of celebrities have embraced not having to wear a bra in lockdown, like The Crown actress Gillian Anderson who recently vowed she'll never wear one again.
"I don't wear a bra anymore. I can't," she said in July during an Instagram Live chat about lockdown.
"I'm sorry, but I don't care if my breasts reach my bellybutton. I'm not wearing a bra anymore, it's just too f—king uncomfortable."
Going au naturale like Gillian is so tempting, but Sydney Physio Patrick Kubel warns that ditching your bra while working from home may only cause you more grief.
He explained that about 80 per cent of his patients have been suffering from back problems caused by their WFH setup, and women are dealing with it more than men.
"Women with a bigger bust do experience more upper back and neck pain," he said.
"What is interesting is since Covid-19 struck and more people have been forced to work from home, we've had more people coming in with back and neck issues.
"A significant factor supporting this is women aren't wearing bras while they work from home so they are not getting the proper support they need."
That's right; not wearing a bra while you work from home could be the reason your neck, shoulders and back have been aching so much lately.
And it's no wonder we're in pain.
Sarah O'Neill, senior designer for lingerie brand Nancy Ganz, explains that one breast can weigh over a kilo for a woman who wears a D cup bra.
"The pressure on the whole body can be huge, especially for the back," she said.
"Many people think that the straps are the main support factor of a bra, however it is actually the back of the bra and the fit around the body that should actually provide the most support."
That means women suffering from back and shoulder pain while working from home should to invest in bras with better support, like styles featuring wider back and side panels.
"This added back support can help avoid back and neck pain and prevent you from being 'slumped' or 'hunched' over a desk or lap top during those long hours whilst WFH."
And those of us who have ditched bras entirely in lockdown (looking at you Gillian) should consider putting one on at least while working, even if it's just a comfy wire-free style.

If the bras you already own are really too uncomfortable to wear, the issue may actually be with the fit, as an estimated eight in ten women are wearing the wrong size bra.
Many women who are of the opinion that all bras are uncomfy actually find that they don't mind wearing them once they've been fitted for the correct size and style.
Though an in-person fitting isn't an option in lockdown, brands like Nancy Ganz offer free resources explaining how to fit yourself, and Triumph even does online virtual fittings.
Sarah adds that bust support is important even if you wear a smaller cup size or don't like wired bras, as there's an option for every size, style and comfort level.
"Whatever you do - don't think not wearing a bra is the option [...] it will cause longer term issues!" she says.

Five comfy bras to wear while WFH

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