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7 thoughtful Christmas gifts under $100

Considered gifts your loved ones will cherish.

By BTYB Michael Hill
There's no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. From lockdown restrictions to job losses, there have been plenty of curve balls thrown our way. So, while Christmas is always a time to come together and celebrate with loved ones, this year's festivities will be truly cherished.
When it comes to gift giving this Christmas, thoughtful gifts will go far. Thankfully, a considered, generous gift doesn't have to be an expensive one.
Scroll down for seven gifts valued at less than $100 that will be sure to make someone's day — many of which can be found at Michael Hill, the go-to store for thoughtful, considerate gifts this festive season.

Hoop earrings in sterling silver ($79)

A jewellery set you'll always find use for, these sterling silver earrings are a must for any discerning dresser's wardrobe. If you're shopping for someone with an unpredictable or wide-ranging fashion sense, these timeless hoops will work in tandem with everything they wear.
$79 for members, $89 retail. Shop at Michael Hill.

Orange Blossom candle by Jo Malone ($95)

Buying a candle as a gift might seem like you're going for the easiest option, but when it's a considered scent from a well-known brand, it's actually the furthest thing from a cop-out. Jo Malone's famous 'Orange Blossom' scent is a crowd-pleaser, with elevated, calming notes that are reminiscent of an orange tree (a smell that's also known for its aphrodisiacal qualities). You'll definitely make someone smile with a gift like this.
$95, shop at David Jones.

4mm Amethyst/yellow gold stud earrings ($99)

Many of our workplaces require minimal, non-distracting jewellery, but the word 'professional' doesn't have to be synonymous with 'boring'. Incorporating a unique splash of deep purple, Michael Hill's amethyst and 10k gold stud earrings are understated, yet vibrant enough to stand out amidst any outfit.
Need help sourcing the perfect statement piece? Michael Hill offer Virtual Personal Jeweller appointments where you can get matched with recommended pieces, workshop styling ideas and find the perfect ring or gift – all via private video chat.
$99 retail. Shop at Michael Hill.

Reversible yoga mat by Lululemon ($69)

With many of us taking to at-home exercise during the pandemic, a dependable yoga mat is a must for all of us — or at least, those who are yet to discover how good at-home workouts can be. Designed specifically for yoga, Lululemon's reversible 3mm variety is a gift with lifelong value, incorporating thick padding to help you master your moves. The more you use it, the better you'll feel.
$69, shop at Lululemon.

'Ellie-Mae’s Sparkle' book ($10)

Part of a collaboration between Michael Hill and Save The Children, the children's picture book Ellie-Mae's Sparkle makes for the perfect stocking filler. With illustrations by Sir Michael Hill, the book follows character Ellie-Mae as she tries to find her sparkle for the first festive season, as she and her family deal with the 'new normal' imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceeds from the joyous, uplifting book will go towards making this year's festive season better for families who've been deeply affected by COVID-19.
$10, shop at Michael Hill.

Monogrammed bathroom accessories by Sheridan (from $39.95)

Monogrammed phone cases and leather goods might still be all the rage, but there's no better way to make someone feel special than with monogrammed home accessories. Cult Australian homewares brand Sheridan offers monogramming on a wide range of their bathroom products, from their famously plush bath towels to bath sheets, hand towels and face washers.
From $39.95, shop at Sheridan.

19cm Belcher bracelet in 10k yellow gold ($89)

Trendy, seasonal jewellery may be refreshing to wear, but investing in the classics is fundamental. Whether you're a silver or gold person, no arm candy stack is complete without a gold bracelet, and Michael Hill's 10k variant (at under $100, no less), is practically a steal. Stack it among other bracelets, or wear it on its own for a perfectly unpretentious jewellery choice.
$89 for members, $99 retail. Shop at Michael Hill.

Knots necklace with diamonds in sterling silver ($99)

For the initiated jewellery customer, a necklace from Michael Hill's popular 'Knots' collection is sure to win anyone's appreciation this Christmas. The collection is designed to be given or worn as a living reminder to hold on to our hopes, dreams, and all the love around us. Unique enough to make a statement but versatile enough to work with any other jewellery, the Knots necklace listed below is adorned with a gleaming row of round-cut diamonds (as if the silver shimmer wasn't already enough). A gift with plenty of thought.
$99, shop at Michael Hill.
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