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The Voice's loop artist Sam Perry on facing backlash and wanting to prove his critics wrong

'I'm proud of myself!'

His musical ability has divided The Voice coaches, fellow artists and viewers alike. But as loop artist Sam Perry continues to progress through the singing competition, winning becomes less of a priority.
"I'm not too bothered whether I win or not," Sam, 28, tells TV WEEK.
"I wanted the opportunity to throw myself out there and see if people like it. I just want to do my thing and show people what I can do."

Sam says he's been surprised at how many people have underestimated his talent.
"I think they assume I just push a button and it does everything for me," he explains. "But there's no Auto-Tune.
"If I sing flat, I sing flat. I have to learn how to beatbox, have great timing, my pitch has to be spot-on, and the loop pedal has to be right. I have to layer it all."
It's taken him years to master his craft.
"It's taken me six to seven years to be able to loop like this," he says. "It's been hard and I'm proud of how far I've come."

Win or lose, Sam, who's on Team Kelly [Rowland], is hoping to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.
"There are no guidelines for looping," Sam explains. "The genre of music is new to a lot of Australians and to the mainstream media.
"I hope I can give it a bit more light and inspire more kids to pick up the pedals."
Sam thinks coach Kelly can help him achieve this.
"I have massive respect for all the coaches," Sam says. "But Kelly is amazing. She's a bit more urban and is familiar with the loops and beatbox style I like to make."

Though Sam has nothing but love for his coach, he was taken aback by Boy George's comments about his place in the competition.
"I didn't see it coming," the loop artist tells TV WEEK. "I wasn't expecting such an attack. It was uncomfortable."
"If I had chosen him [as my coach], he wouldn't say anything," Sam maintains.
He says in the wake of his audition, he's been slammed on social media thanks to George's harsh remarks.
"I don't think he realises the backlash of his comments," Sam says. "If he says anything else out of line, I'll fire back."

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