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The best dishwashing liquids and the detergents that are 'worse than water'

Because you want your detergents to do the elbow grease for you.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Consumer watchdog Choice has put dishwashing liquids to the test to see which product scrubs up best.
Choice sent 30 dishwashing liquids from major brands available in supermarkets and smaller companies for laboratory for testing, while in-house experts worked out the value for money of each product, by measuring cleans per bottle.
However, the experiment revealed more than which dishwashing liquid is superior. Alarmingly, the consumer group discovered that seven brands were less effective than washing with warm water.
"Most people would find it shocking to hear that regular tap water and a bit of elbow grease works better than some of the common detergents found at the supermarket," Choice spokeswoman Stefanie Menezes said in a statement to news.com.au.
Earth Choice washing detergent was slammed by Choice who claim it is 'less effective than water', while Morning Fresh came out on top.
Topping the best of the bunch was Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate, Kin Kin naturals Eco Dishwash Liquid, and Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate Antibacterial. Meanwhile, Earth Choice dishwashing liquid was given the lowest score with Choice claiming it's less effective than water.
Justin Dowel, managing director of Earth Choice owner Natures Organics, claimed in a statement to the Herald Sun, the testing method was "flawed", given inconsistencies with previous results for the product.
Choice explained that due expenses, they were not able to test the products chemical composition for their environmental claims.
See how your dish-hand fared with Choice's list of the best and the worst dishwashing liquids.

The 5 best dishwashing liquids

  • Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate, $3.95.
  • Kin Kin Naturals Eco Dishwash Liquid, $7.95.
  • Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Advanced (fast dry technology), $3.95.
  • Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate Antibacterial, $2.69.
  • Tandil Original Super Strength Dishwashing Liquid, $2.49

The 5 worst dishwashing liquids

  • Earth Choice Dishwashing liquid, $1.99.
  • Coles Smart Buy Dishwashing Liquid, $1.
  • Coles Super Strength Dishwashing Liquid, $1.60.
  • Blast Ultra Plus Concentrate, $2.25.
  • Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid, $3.