Could Elora be Bachelor Matty J's new front-runner?

After last night's overnight date, it's clear the Tahitian beauty has stolen Matty J’s heart.

She got the first single date and the first overnight date, so it’s pretty clear to us that fire-twirling Elora Murger could make it all the way to the very end of The Bachelor.
The overnight stay in the Blue Mountains caused a bit of drama back at the Bachie Mansion (Elora had already been on a single date while there are still other women who haven’t). While on their romantic getaway, it was obvious to viewers that neither Matty J or Elora wanted to leave each other, but they stayed in separate cabins (apparently).
Elora previously told NW that she wants more than just a kiss from Matty J. She said after their first date out at sea, “I was really trying to keep my body language, so he wouldn’t like, you know… I wanted him to want more. I wanted him to be more curious [of me] and I wanted him to take me on another date.”
Well, whether something happened or not, we get the vibe Elora could be Matty’s pick at the end of this. Scroll through to see the pair’s cutest moments.