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Save the trees for real this time with these eco-friendly and sustainable stationary brands

Stationary made sustainably.

By Jess Pullar
Ask anyone and they'll tell you that saving paper will save a bunch of trees.
Yet somehow paper, and all the variations it comes in (we're talking multi-page notepads, journals, diaries... the list goes on), is consumed in the masses, often without a second thought.
There is so much work to be done in this space - according to a 2016 report by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, each Australian uses an average of 223kg of paper per year.
Yes, that's a tad confronting.
So what can be done about it?
Mindfulness, and a commitment to adapt and change our practices is a good place to start. With a new year coming in hot, why not look to 2021 as the year to really make those changes.
Even if you're not into New Year's resolutions, writing any kind of list, journal entry, letter, or heck, even a mindless doodle can be done in a less wasteful way - that's where sustainable stationary comes in.
Australia has an array of sustainably made and recyclable stationary that can be used for any and every occasion.
So, if you're making the change now, or simply looking to stock up your sustainable stash, look no further.

Where to buy sustainable stationary in Australia

Setting itself apart from your run-of-the-mill stationary companies, Karst's main point of difference is its use of stone paper.
Yep, you read that correctly, the stone creates a strong and durable material which, in Karst's case, makes it waterproof and naturally whiter than regular paper.
The company has also partnered with the One Tree Planted Foundation and is 100% carbon neutral.
Karst uses stone paper, which gives it better durability. Karst
Being one of the first big companies to create and shine a light on reusable coffee cups, straws and razors, and plastic free alternatives, Biome has long been a leader in Australia's commercial sustainability space - and it offers an array of stationary options that are better for the planet.
Our personal favourite? Their Decomposition notebooks, which are made with 100 per cent post-consumer-waste recycled pages and printed with soy ink.
Did we mention they have a bunch of cute prints, too? Biome
Australian-based brand Notely was born from the belief that all our actions have consequences, and that people power matters.
Thus, founder Jenica Smith began creating notebooks made from FSC-certified paper, only using FSC-certified printing methods.
The paper from each product is made from 100 per cent post consumer waste.
Notely products are beautifully made and are kinder to the earth. Notely
Little Deer Studio
This company's stationary products are just as sweet as its name.
Not only are the Australian-made products made with eco-friendly materials, but said materials are purchased from other local small businesses that avidly support and genuinely care about the environment.
Dyani Evans, the brains behind the creative brand, literally hand makes the paper used in some of her journals, while she also uses various other recycled materials, and she even adds secondhand buttons and beads for decoration.
Little Deer Studio has an array of unique, handcrafted products. Little Deer Studio

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