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'"I'm a better mum when I've practised a bit of self care": Studio 10's Sarah Harris’ shares her very best self-care tips

The Studio 10 presenter and mum-of-two shares her wellness wisdom.

By Gabriella Del Grande
As co-host of Studio 10, Sarah Harris is no stranger to the camera.
The journalist and TV presenter has been a panellist on the Network Ten morning program since it started in 2013.
Now a mum, Sarah leads a busy life behind the camera - she opens up to Woman's Day about how she stays healthy while doing it all.
Woman's Day: What does wellness mean to you?
Sarah: I turn 40 (gasp!) this year, so wellness has taken on a whole new meaning. I'm less concerned about how my body looks and more focused on how it feels.
It takes buckets of energy to host 20 hours of live TV a week and chase around two turbo-charged little boys (Paul, five, and Harry, three), so I'm finally learning I can't pour from an empty cup.
For me, wellness is taking a proactive approach to my health, like exercising to feel physically and mentally strong, and eating well to feel energised. I need laughter, too.
Lots of it!
Sarah's sons hijack her yoga classes – and she loves it! Instagram
What are some of your wellness practices that keep you feeling great?
I really try to make exercise a priority.
Running works for me because you can do it anytime, anywhere – all you need is sneakers and some tunes and you're set.
I'll try to squeeze in a quick run three times a week to get the endorphins pumping.
I'm getting into yoga, too. Those slow flow classes on YouTube are great.
I put down a mat in the living room and follow along.
My boys even join in sometimes, though it's more hilarious than zen!
Family time with her brother is high on the star's self-care priority list Instagram
Now we're in winter, what do you do to keep yourself healthy?
I get the flu shot every year and try to up my fruit and vegetable game.
As part of my new partnership with Blackmores, I recently sat down with their naturopath who told me that eating for nutrients is our first line of defence.
But if you do need that extra support, the Blackmores Cold, Flu and Immunity range can help.
What are some of your favourite products you use regularly?
My boys keep me outdoors, so sunscreen is an absolute must.
Working with Blackmores also means that I am well stocked with a range of supplements.
I work together with their naturopath on what's needed at certain times.
How often do you take time out for yourself?
More than I used to!
I'm a better mum when I've practised a bit of self-care,whether it be a quick run or a veg on the couch.
She loves to cook healthy family meals. Instagram
What do you do to relax?
While exercise is a great stress buster, for me the ultimate wind-down is jumping into bed with a good book.
Novels, mostly. The trashier, the better!
How important is a healthy, balanced diet?
I'm a big fan of the 80/20 rule – or maybe it's more like 70/30. Life's too short
What are your favourite meals to eat through the day?
If I've got the time, an egg on toast with some avocado is breakfast, but most mornings are frantic, so a strong coffee and a couple of peanut butter protein balls get me through.
For lunch I'll usually throw a couple of cans of tuna in with some microwaveable brown rice and veggies.
Halloumi is a great snack – just pan-fry a bunch of it and keep in the fridge.
My kids are mad for strawberries, so I eat a lot of them.
Chicken and broccoli, or whatever the kids are eating does me for dinner.

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