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What does your October 2020 horoscope have in store for you? Our astrologer reveals all

Award-winning astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what the stars have in store for you.

By Yasmin Boland
Mercury is retrograde and so is Mars, there's a New Moon, a Full Moon and a Blue Moon! Welcome to October...

LIBRA or LIBRA RISING Sep 24 - Oct 23

With Mercury retrograding in your sign and Mars retrograding in your love zone, you could be forgiven if you feel like you've got déjà vu and you're spending much of October going over old ground.
That's OK. It's a good time to consolidate everything in your life.
One important relationship is up for change. You're turning an important corner, emotionally-speaking. The past year or so has been showing you that you can have wonderful and happy relationships, even if you had a few tumultuous years previously.
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The Full Moon in your love zone this month could make for some fireworks in at least one of your most important relationships.
Do be careful that if you're upset with a VIP in your life, that you don't over-react and say or do something you will wish you could take back later. You have been warned!
The energies are high. Mars reversing in your health zone could see you slacking off in the exercise department. Try not to! With the intense energies around, the more you move the better.


You could be forgiven for just wanting to hide away this month. And if you do, really, that's fine. October brings you your annual chance to break out of your carefree Sag character and spend some time solo, retreating and contemplating life. Just make sure you do all your "duties" before you disappear - you can re-emerge into the world around October 22!
When it comes to love and romance, there could be some delays. Please don't panic. They are not permanent!


Are you rethinking your attitude to work? If not, then dare I say, you probably should do! As October begins, you still have the planet of the mind, Mercury, reversing in your career zone. So it really is the time to reconsider your professional options, your career trajectory and even how hard you want to work. Ask yourself those questions.
Meanwhile, Mars is reversing in your home zone. Old family arguments can come up now. This time around, handle them better.


On the one hand, the Sun in your career zone means now is the time to show the boss and/or your clients what you've got. It's nearly the end of the year and you want to go out on a high. On the other hand, life at home could be up and down, so remember to take care of loved ones, too!
Whatever else happens, focus on having healing conversations with the people you care about, rather than biting their heads off!


You have an amazing chance to turn the corner financially this month. What have you been doing with cash that you know you need to stop? It's the right time to rethink everything to do with money, including how much you should be earning, saving and using to pay off debts. Make October the restart of the rest of your financial life.
The planet of action, Mars, is retrograde in your cash zone this month. All the better for you to put more energy into revenue raising.

ARIES or ARIES RISING Mar 21 - Apr 20

An interesting month! On the one hand, the focus seems to be on other people – your partner or ex, most likely. But the Full Moon in your sign is reminding you that as well as worrying about others, you need to take care of your own needs.
Slow things down and take care of number one for a bit. With your ruler, Mars, still retrograde, it really is a month to be happy with whatever speed life is going at.


The rare, second Full Moon this month is in your sign, at the end of the month. Use the energies to balance what you want versus what someone else wants from you.
The month gets madder as it goes along, so pace yourself. Rethink your daily routines, so life suits you better. For some, an ex looms back into view, for reconciliation or closure. This really would be a great month to start meditating, if you don't already do it.

GEMINI or GEMINI RISING May 22 - June 22

Your challenge this month, if you choose to accept it, is to balance all the millions of things you need to get done to keep your life ticking over, versus what you need not to do, if you don't want to go completely crazy.
Your mind is so constantly busy - you really need to factor in some Zen time out. As Mercury reverses in your daily life zone, rethink your routines so they make your life healthier and more functional.


Everyone has a challenge this month – for you, it's two-fold: 1. There are two Full Moons in October (the second one is a Blue Moon). You're Moon-sensitive so you can expect October to be an extra emotional month. 2. You're being challenged to get a work/life balance. That sounds like it should be easy but you're so family-loving – and capable/ambitious!
At work, you're still on a bit of a go-slow, so try to breathe through any frustrations. This cycle really won't last forever.

LEO or LEO RISING Jul 24 - Aug 23

With insane Uranus in your career zone for the foreseeable future (so to speak), you can expect your professional life to be untameable. This month, though, that energy could go off the scale. Batten down and expect exciting changes professionally – but don't neglect your personal life!
Also, don't worry if study or travel plans go on-hold. It could still work out. The planet Mars, which moves us all forward, is reversing in your travel and study zone. Delays are temporary.

VIRGO or VIRGO RISING Aug 24 - Sep 23

Your best way to use October is to focus on cash. How much do you have versus how much you need? Where is your money tied up with someone else and which debts can you pay off? Mercury is retrograde and there's a Blue Moon in your cash zone, so it's the perfect time to rethink your financial plans and strategies.
If you know there are spending habits you need to move on from, now is the time to sort that out. Obviously, you won't regret it.