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Has your horoscope been wrong all along?

NASA has just created a new star sign, so here’s what that means for you and your loved ones.

By Gabriella Del Grande
Many of us use horoscopes to provide ourselves with some a level of guidance and comfort we're lacking from the 'real' world - I mean, just look at 2020!
But just when you thought you had some kind of certainty about your life path, NASA have just gone and created a brand-spanking-new star sign!
Yep, according to their experts, the stars have actually shifted, thus birthing a 13th sign for those born between November 29 and December 17, known as Ophiuchus.
So where the heck did it come from, you ask?
Star signs are determined based on the sun and constellations Image: Getty
Well, since the 12 astrological signs were first determined by the sun's position in relation to certain constellations more than 2,500 years ago by the Babylonians, the Earth's shaky axis has meant those constellations aren't in the same spots they were thousands of years ago.
Along with that, the Babylonians actually had discovered Ophiuchus at the same time but left it out of the zodiac because they wanted to make a "tidy 12 month calendar," according to a NASA spokesperson.
So let's break down this new Ophiuchus …
Born on November 30, Chrissy Teigen is now an Ophiuchus instead of a Sagittarius. Image: Instagram

You're a mix of Scorpio and Sagittarius

According to The Sun, having nestled itself between both of these signs, Ophiuchus boasts traits from each of them.
Like Sagittarians, people in the Ophiuchus sign are free spirits who prefer to roam and experience anything new that comes at them, rather than stick to routine.
They're always on a quest for knowledge – intellectual might as well be their middle name!
Be careful though, because this can come across as 'know-it-all' or arrogant.
You've got creativity by the truck-load, you act ethically and have a sharp sense of justice.
Like Scorpios, you can at times be impulsive, jealous and find any way to procrastinate.

You're most compatible with Pisces

You two get on like a house on fire because of quite the opposite element - you're both water signs.
You each crave new experiences, tackle challenges and love adventure.
Your compatibility changes being an Ophiuchus Image: Getty

You're least compatible with Capricorn

Given Capricorn's animal symbol is a goat (well, part fish, part goat!) it's no wonder you butt heads!
Capricorns are organised and determined whereas Ophiuchus', as mentioned, are ultimate procrastinators which only gets on a goat's nerves.
Capricorns also tend to be quite disciplined and restricted in certain areas, which can easily frustrate an Ophiuchus partner.
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