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Pamper mum from afar this Mother's Day with one of these virtual gifts

You may be separated by isolation, but you mum still deserves the best.

By Alex Lilly
Mums around the world probably didn't expect to spend their special day in lockdown this year, but it's a reality many will have to face this Mother's Day.
But just because you may be physically apart from Mother Dearest, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate and spoil her from afar.
Sure, you may not be able to surprise her with breakfast in bed or go to your favourite cafe for lunch, but there are a range of virtual and online gifts you can get her whatever her personality and interests are.
And if your budget can't stretch too far, you can make some virtual gestures that will no doubt give her all the warm and fuzzy feelings she needs.
Keep scrolling to see how to pamper mum for an isolation Mother's Day!
You may not be able to see mum in person this year, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate. (Image: Getty Images)

Send her some feel-good flowers

Sure it's a cliche, but that's because they're effective.
A bright bouquet will no doubt bring a smile to your mum's face, and the good news is that there are plenty of flower delivery services still operating despite the coronavirus restrictions, which will suit a range of budgets.

Sign her up for a Masterclass

Does your mum want to learn how to nail a killer serve like Serena Williams, cook up a dish like Gordon Ramsay or write the next Grey's Anatomy like Shonda Rimes?
Well, she can learn from those stars and more on Masterclass, which offers online classes in everything from acting, to self-made entrepreneurship.
And in even better news, you can buy two passes (with access to all of the hundreds of classes) for $280, so it's something you and mum can enjoy together.

A subscription to her favourite magazine

Has your mum been an avid devotee of The Australian Women's Weekly for years, or does she love to indulge in a bit of celeb gossip with Woman's Day?
With tons of titles to choose from, you can make sure that mum never misses an issue.
And by simply subscribing, you could win one of 200, $100 spa.com.au gift cards. Now that sounds like a pretty good deal.

Send her a hamper of goodies

If your mother is a fan of good wine and tasty sweet treats (to be fair, who isn't?), then she'll feel utterly spoiled with a gift hamper.
From packages that contain luxury candles and bath soaks, through to gift packs bursting with chocolates and cookies, Byron Bay Gifts have you covered.
Plus, the company are partners with Seed The Change, an organisation that plants a tree with every order, so you're helping the environment with your purchase too.

Give her an audiobook membership

Everyone loves getting books as a gift, but you can keep up with the 21st century and give your Mum a subscription to Audible.
Sign her up for one, three or six months, or even a year, and she can build up her personal audiobook and podcast library. Or, if you have a specific book in mind, you can purchase that for her as an alternative.

Unwind separately, but together, with a Netflix Party

If you'd organised to have a chilled, relaxing day with your mum watching a movie together, that plan doesn't have to go out the window altogether.
Thanks to the new Google Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party, you and your mum can download the program and watch a show or TV series together, from your separate homes.
The extension synchronises video playback and adds a group chat function, so you can involve your siblings too.
Plus, it's absolutely free.
Need to catch up on The Crown? Have a Netflix Party. (Image: Netflix)

Host a virtual dinner party

Granted, you may not be able to cook a slap-up dinner for her, but you can still share a meal with the woman of the hour.
Simply set up Zoom, House Party, FaceTime or another free video chat service, each cook a pre-planned meal and enjoy it together.
And if one of you is a better cook than the other, it'll be funny watching the reactions when it comes time to taste.

Schedule a treat for post-isolation

It may seem like we'll be in lockdown forever, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Whether it's taking mum to a Gold Class movie screening or spending the day at a fancy day spa, you can book in a fun activity that will re-open in a few months time, for some mother/daughter/son bonding.
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Shout her a case of fancy Australian wines

Raise a glass to mum this Mother's Day with Different Drop. (Source: Supplied)
Wine delivery service Different Drop have one of the best selections of Australian and international artisanal wines, and they deliver directly to your (or Mum's) door.
To celebrate the number one woman in your life, why not gift mum the 'Women in Wine' pack ($165)?
This pack celebrates six exceptional Australian female winemakers.
These wines come from all corners of the Australia, showcasing a wide range of varieties and winemaking styles, including reds, whites, rosé.
Visit to their website for more info and to order your mum a cheeky tipple!

Gift her a virtual painting class voucher with Cork and Canvas

The perfect gift for the creative mum who enjoys the arts and maybe a glass of wine to go with it! (Source: Supplied)
Join a live class via Zoom, so you can compare your paintings or do an on demand class, so it's just you two spending quality time if you're isolating together.
If the family all wants to get together, groups of 10 or more can even book a private live class.
For $25 art lovers gain access to a step-by-step video tutorial from Cork and Canvas' senior lead artists.
Bookings can be made via the Cork and Canvas website, and the specific Mother's Day live class can be booked here.

Treat her eyes to a pair of Blue Light glasses!

Go to Oscar Wylee to find some chic styles and different looks to suit any mum! (Source: Instagram)
With being stuck at home in isolation and screen time going through the roof, help Mum soothe her tired, twitchy and drained eyes, especially if your mum has a job that requires her to be looking at screens all day!
Blue light lenses don't require a prescription, but help protect the eyes against the irritating effects of light from our computer, phone and tablet screens.

Need some tips to help stay sane during self-isolation?