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Can you spot Kylie Jenner's awkward gaffe in her latest Instagram post?

The young billionaire is in hot water.

By Alex Lilly
With her stunning home, collection of sports cars and wardrobe that would make any fashionista weep tears of envy, Kylie Jenner seems to have it all.
But after her recent Instagram post, the reality star and make-up mogul has found herself in hot water.
In what appears to be a cute couple shot with her rapper baby daddy Travis Scott, 21 year-old Kylie Jenner shared a photo of the two locked in an embrace in front of a luxury car captioning it "partners in crime 4 evaaa💗💦🦋👨‍👩‍👧"
But aside from her oversized bright pink jacket and teeny tiny handbag, followers noticed that Kylie and Travis had parked in what seems to be a disabled parking spot, judging by the blue sign visible in the background of the shot.
What was meant to be a cute couple photo has landed Kylie Jenner in trouble. (Image: Instagram @kyliejenner)
"Shame on you guys for parking in a handicapp space. Guess you wouldnt know what its like to be handicapp. Coming from a handicapp person," one follower commented beneath the snap.
"Who else sees the disabled bay sign? NO ONE....... ok," another penned.
Another pointed the finger at Kylie's parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner writing, "Parking in handicap spots. Real classy. Not surprising given who raised you."
Kylie's sister Kendall faced a similar issue last year when she was snapped parking her Ferrari in a disabled spot near a Bel-Air sushi restaurant.
"The valet parked Kendall's car in the handicap spot. Kendall ran and jumped in the car when she saw the paparazzi instead of waiting for valet to bring her car to her," Kendall's rep at the time said.
Spotted. (Image: Instagram @kyliejenner)
This isn't the first time Kylie's been called out on social media this year.
The young billionaire and mum-of-one was slammed after she threw a Handmaid's Tale party for her friend Stassie Karanikolaou's birthday, after declaring the drama series to be one of her favourite shows.
WATCH: Kylie Jenner throws a Handmaid's Tale party for her friend. Post continues after video...
The dystopian series, based on Margaret Atwood's best-selling novel of the same name, is set in Gilead which was formerly the US where women have been stripped of all rights and the 'Handmaids' are routinely raped to bear children.
What's more, Kylie's controversial party took place right when the US state of Alabama decreed that an almost total abortion ban, even in cases of rape and incest.
Mum-of-one Kylie was slammed for throwing a Handmaid's Tale themed birthday party for her friend. (Image: Instagram @kyliejenner)
"Kylie Jenner is having a party themed after the Handmaid's Tale.....so.....who's gonna tell her that her party is literally celebrating female enslavement for their biological reproduction??" one person tweeted at the time.
Another wrote, "kylie jenner throwing a handmaid's themed bday party for fun is so insulting when there are people dressing up as handmaid's to fight for control over their reproductive rights... this privilege and ignorance is gross."

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