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How to stay warm at home this winter (without racking up a hefty energy bill)

Keep it cozy.

By BTYB Go Natural Gas
Winter is well and truly upon us. At its best, winter provides an opportunity to stay warm and cozy at home, either rugged up or with the heater on. That being said, there is nothing – and we mean nothing – worse than spending all day shivering in a house that is too cold for comfort.
When the mercury drops, it's tempting to blast the hot water and keep the heater running all day and night – however, that kind of usage simply isn't viable for your bank account or the environment.
Armed with the right knowledge and appliances, you can stay warm this winter without spending a fortune. Here's how:

1. Cut down on hot water wastage

Did you know that heating water is one of the biggest energy users in the household? By making a series of small changes, you can save big money. Try installing water efficient shower heads, utilising the cold water setting on dishwashers and washing machines, and using a timer in the shower.

2. Consider heating your home with natural gas

Looking for a longer-term solution to warm your house? A gas fireplace is a stylish and practical option.
These days, a gas fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere. With slim-line fires now available, a gas fire can be installed against an existing wall, building out as little as 50cm. You can even install a slim line fire into an existing wall and wall-mount your television above it. It's a beautiful addition to a house, and actually saves you space.
If you live in a federation style house that has an existing fireplace that doesn't actually function, there's a range of gas fires designed to be installed into small, existing fireplaces. With the zero clearance technology of modern gas fires (meaning you can install it virtually anywhere with anything next to it) you can then use the space above the mantel for anything you want, including a beautiful artwork!
Natural gas can make for an affordable and energy efficient investment, particularly when you have multiple gas appliances installed in your home. If you live in NSW, gas is billed on a declining block tariff per unit – which means the more you use, the less you pay per unit.

3. Put your ceiling fan in winter mode

Serious question: have you ever tried putting your ceiling fan into winter mode? (Essentially this just means flicking a switch to change the fan's direction.) Doing so will reverse the movement of the blades and force the warm air that is trapped at the ceiling, down into the room to cycle with the cool air. This simple process will warm up your room in winter!

4. Check your windows

Are your windows letting cold air in? It's worth checking for gaps in your windows as they can lose almost 10 times more heat than walls. Seal up any visible cracks and you'll notice the difference in temperature. If you want to make the most of this energy-saving hack, consider installing double glazed windows.
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