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The one interior design flaw that could be causing your bad night's sleep

Guilty as charged.

By Amber Manto
Poor diet, too much screen time before bed and not enough exercise are all things that can affect your sleep but there’s one more thing that could be causing you to toss and turn and it has nothing to do with your health and lifestyle.
It's your bedroom layout or more specifically poor feng shui.
This ancient art, if you don’t know, has to do with how furniture is arranged in a room. It's thought good placement of pieces allows positive energy to flow - and there’s one very important rule for how your bedroom should be set up.
When positioning your bed in the room, there needs to be an equal amount of space each side. Why?
"This is symbolic of creating equal space for you and your partner," Feng Shui guru Laura Cerrano tells MyDomaine. To amp up this positive energy, she recommends investing in two bedside tables each with a lamp – if not for feng shui then simply for the beauty of symmetry.

Other rules include positioning your bed so there's space between it and the wall – even an inch can help the good vibes flow around the room – and aligning it so you have a view of the door but is not completely in line with it.
"“This allows the occupant to literally, energetically, and metaphorically see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching their life."
Same goes if you have an ensuite - avoid positioning your bed in front of the doorway or it will suck the energy from the room.
And on that note, night!