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"Napping happens more than you would think," Forget the Super Bowl we're watching the Puppy Bowl!

You can pinch yourself, but this isn't a dream!

By Holly Royce
While a significant portion of the world had their eyes glued to the Super Bowl (and there were some pretty good moments), we couldn't look away from its much more adorable counterpart - Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XIV, where two teams compete for the Lombarky Trophy.
All the puppers competing in this wondrous game are rescues and the aim of the match is to raise awareness for animal rescue, which make the whole thing even more delightful.
The pups were split into two teams, Team Fluff and Team Ruff- man oh man, was it a tight game.
The puppy bowl has been going for a total of 13 years, and animal trainers work all year round to make sure the rescue canines are up to the grueling challenge on the big day.
Speaking to the New York Post, a show runner for said there is a lot of careful camerawork involved.
"We tend not to show the peeing and pooping, but there's a lot of that.
"[Napping] happens more than you would think, as crazy as it is with all the noise," long-time referee Dan Schachner told the New York Post.
"It's so darn cute to watch a puppy sleep we just don't stop them any more."
And some of your favourite celebrities have been watching the four-legged champions in action as well
I, Tonya's Allison Janney called the event the greatest thing ever.
Oh yeah, and did we mention one of the referees was a sloth?
Her name is Shirley and we think she did a great job.
Once the rescue kitten halftime show was finished (yep, really) Team Fluff won the game with a score of 52-47.
Sadly, us Aussie have to wait a little bit longer until the footage becomes available via Youtube (but you can watch some highlights in the video at the top of the post)
But once we get it, good luck getting us to look at anything else for the next 6 months.