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Fast food workers are sharing money saving menu hacks

This is life changing.

By Holly Royce
Australian's are spending more money on junk food than ever before.
Earlier this year an analysis of the Australian Health Survey found 58 per cent of Australian's spend half their food budget on 'unhealthy' foods.
While there are a multitude of health issues that need to be addressed around these findings- we can't help but be a little excited by these money saving fast food menu hacks.
Industry insiders have taken to Reddit and are sharing some pretty vital information.
Pizza chefs are being angels, giving a slice of wisdom we won't soon forget, "if you order a cheese pizza with nothing else, it always comes with extra cheese."
Fast food workers are dishing out the truth on food serving sizes, "before deciding whether to order a large or a small drink, ask to see the cup sizes.
"Often the big cup will just be narrower and taller, with the small being wider and shorter. They might actually hold the same volume of liquid, in which case it makes more sense to order the small because it will be cheaper."
"Bonus tip: sometimes the takeaway dishes are larger and give you more food for the same price, or vice versa."
Subway workers also had a few things they wanted to get off their chests.
"I'm only supposed to put six olives on your Footlong. You all deserve to know."
Another Reddit user confirmed it was so.
"And 6 banana peppers!"
"I worked at Subway last year, and there was some banana pepper shortage. We always ran out in between deliveries and my manager told me if anyone asks for extra to put two extra on every time they ask unless they specified a certain number. I felt like such an idiot putting on two at a time."
Want fresh fries from McDonald's? You have to ask for something special.
"If you ask for saltless fries at McDonald's, they will have to make you fresh ones.. and then you add the salt yourself."
And if you're after something a bit healthier from Micky D's, try the Protein Burger.
"In Australia, you can substitute burger buns with lettuce. It's messy but refreshing and delicious."
And one more cheeky Maccers menu hack.
'McDonald's uses three different kinds of eggs for their breakfast. If you want a REAL egg ask for the egg off the McMuffin."
Though of course nothing beats a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, we want to thank these wonderful people for making our lives a tiny bit better.
Not all heroes wear capes.