Treat mum this Mother's Day with these 27 chic and indulgent gifts - because she's worth it!

If you're happy to drop a bit of coin.

By Jess Pullar
Whether she's the breakfast-in-bed type, a big box of choccies connoisseur or simply happy with a beautiful, hand written card - mums across the world deserve to be celebrated on Mother's Day.
Falling on May 8 this year, those with mothers near and far will be thinking about how to show their appreciation for the women who nurtured them, raised them and taught them everything they know.
Some might opt for small gestures or affordable trinkets to show their gratitude, while others want invest in something pricier.
The special day is about love above all else, but for those thinking they'll drop a few coins this year, boy do we have some ideas for you.
We've taken it upon ourselves to do some research into some slightly pricier gifts for our wonderful mums in time for Mother's Day.
So if you're after some inspo, look no further - though we must preface this by saying this isn't a one-size fits all guide.
Think about what your mum would like, and have a scroll through our ideas to see if any fit the bill. We hope there's something for any and every mum.