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Five busy mum hairstyle hacks that even Kris Jenner would approve of

If this “momager” can get away with these easy-as hairstyles for Kendall and Kylie – so can you!

By Fiona Wright
Kris Jenner is the Queen of Busy. As manager of the Kardashian/ Jenner empire she has so many plates spinning it makes us wonder if she honestly has more hours in a day than the rest of us.
So, when she shared this flashback photo of Kendall and Kylie with the caption: Morning!!!!! I miss doing your hair in the morning @kendalljenner @kyliejenner
We collectively let out a sigh of relief. There was not an elaborate braid or a fancy schmancy up-do in sight but just two humble hair-dos.
Kylie and Kendall rocking sweet, simple hairstyles. (Image: Instagram: @KrisJenner)
Kylie's hair was worn in a simple half-up ponytail and tied with a ribbon, while Kendall's hair was styled into two side plaits. Quick, easy and in the realm of possibility for most mums – and dads – to manage. Hallelujah.
While Kris Jenner's own kids are now all grown up now, she does have plenty (read: 10!) grandkids for whom she can still hone her hairstyling skills.
So, what does this mean for the rest of us? Just that we can follow Kris's lead when it comes to doing our own daughter's hair. There's no pressure.
In fact, here's 5 simple celeb-inspired hairstyles you can do today…

1. Two plaits meeting at the back

At the recent Trooping of Colour celebration, Princess Charlotte's hair was half pulled back into two plaits which met at the back and was tied with a blue bow. Easy and royally chic.
Princess Charlotte's plaits look as pretty as a picture. (Image: Getty Images)

2. High pony-plait

Selena Gomez often wears her hair out but here she beautifully pulls off a high ponytail plait. Extra height is created at the fringe by pinning it back at the base of the ponytail.
A high pony-plait is easy for those rushed mornings. (Image: Getty Images)

3. Ponytail and bangs

Taylor Swift shows off an effortless ponytail with her bangs left to drop and loosely frame her face. Set the timer to see how quick this look is to master.
So quick and so simple. (Image: Getty Images)

4. Low pony-plait

Kylie Jenner has grown up A LOT since that flashback photo but she still loves a simple hairstyle. Here, her hair has been combed into a middle-part, then tied into a low ponytail and plaited.
Plaits are great at whatever age, right Kylie? (Image: Getty Images)

5. Low bun

Meghan Markle always looks fabulous. Style your daughter's hair into a chic low bun by making a low ponytail, then twist the hair up and secure it with hair pins.
Your little one could be a style icon like the Duchess of Sussex. (Image: Getty Images)