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The five best bedroom toys for women over 50

Happy Mother's Day!

By Tracey Cox
Things happen to your body post 50 – strange things.
Your libido drops, your bits get dry, aches and pains and ailments mean sex becomes less frequent and less adventurous position wise.
These are the depressing facts all women eventually deal with as they age.The good news is, there's plenty you can do to fight all of it!
HRT, vaginal moisturisers and hormonal pessaries, testosterone creams – they all combat nearly all of these problems.
But one of the best things you can do to stay sexually happy and active post 50 is to maintain a high libido.
The best way to do this is to keep having sex and keep clocking up as many orgasms as you can.
The more orgasms your body has, the more it wants, keeping your libido strong.
Using sex toys is a proven way to keep sex exciting, and your sex drive high and stable.
Here's my recommendation for the five best types of toys for women over 50.

Wand vibrators

Wand vibrators are powerful – and post 50 women need stronger vibration than they used to.
They cover a bigger area than other types of vibes as well, making them more satisfying than targeted vibes when your nerve endings aren't as sensitive as they were.You can try the Silicone Wand Vibrator for $54.95

Orgasm gels

Orgasm gels contain products like arginine and menthol which work to enhance sensation and maximise climax potential during solo play or sex with your partner.
Post 50 women sometimes complain of feeling 'numb': gels that stimulate sensation fix this problem instantly.

Bullet vibrators

Small, discreet, perfect for travel and strong, there's a reason why bullet vibrations are a favourite with women of any age.
But there's another reason why this toy is great for older women.
It can take longer to get aroused post 50. If you know you're having sex soon and want a head start, discreetly head to the bathroom and use the bullet vibe to turn yourself on.
Most women over 50 move away from penetrative vibes like Rabbits in favour of targeted clitoral stimulators.
Another great choice, my tulip shaped, remote control clitoral vibe.
It's gentle and great to use with a partner too!

Soft bondage kits

Now more than ever, it's essential to try new things and up the 'naughty' element of your sex life.
When libido's are sluggish, it takes more than missionary to kick start them again.
Tie-up games can revive routine sex lives; shifting the power balance in long-term relationships is a brilliant way to shake things up.

Kegel balls

Apart from having regular intercourse, doing regular kegel exercises is still the most effective way to keep your sex organs fit and healthy. It really is a case of use it or lose it!
Kegel exercises involve repetitively squeezing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles.
Kegel toner balls, which you insert high into the vagina, are weighted to help improve muscle tone even further during your genital workout.
They also ensure you're doing the exercises properly (squeezing the PC muscle rather than the muscles in your anus) because they give you something to squeeze around.
An added bonus: the more toned and tight your pelvic floor muscles, the more intense orgasms feel.