From bargain buys to bespoke designers: Your fave celebs are getting festive with their Christmas trees

Tis the tree-son.

By Maddison Hockey
Christmas decorations have been steadily creeping into our grocery stores and malls since Halloween decorations were being pulled down on November 1.
But with December 1 officially come and gone (much too quickly, like the rest of this year, if you ask us) it's time for us to start doing the same in our homes.
And just in case you wanted to question our timing, we asked an expert on the exact date its acceptable to put your tree.
Decorating the tree can be exciting, daunting, and if you have kids, chaotic.
There are many options to ponder, too: Fresh or fake, traditional or modern, new baubles each year or the classics handed down through the family?
One thing is certain, no two trees ever look the same.
If you're looking for a little inspiration or just love Christmas, we've rounded up some of the best celebrity Christmas trees for this year, below.