14 very visual reasons why you need a shirtless firefighter holding a puppy in your life

If you think this guy is cute, wait until you see the firie holding a baby goat...

By Ellie McDonald
Look, it's OK if some people actually look forward to Christmas. I mean, who could blame them; Christmas ham, bucket-loads of booze, awkward run-ins with relos you're only relegated to see once a year - what's not to love? Although, for me, this time of year marks another momentous, and in my opinion, equally important occasion: the release of the annual Australian Firefighters Calendar.
Like frying an egg on concrete on a hot summer's day, these firies, conveniently dressed only in suspenders and slacks in the name of charity, are literally sizzling. Plus, to top it off, you'll also find this year's round-up of mostly tatted-up firefighters curling up with a kitten, patting a puppy, hugging a horse or fan-boying over a farm animal.
Because yes, people: heaven really is a place on earth.
Take your pick of six calendars, priced at $20 each; proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to a variety of charities, including Rural Aid Australia and Kids With Cancer. And if you still need a reason to feel all altruistic this Christmas, know this: over the last 27 years, the Australian Firefighters Calendars have raised more than $3million for various charities.
So, in the generous spirit of gift-giving this holiday season, here I bestow 14 of the cutest, cuddliest happy snaps* from this year's series of calendars upon you.
*Some kind of fluffy animal may or may not appear in these photographs.