Man arrested after wearing this offensive Halloween costume

Halloween is supposed to be about fun, don't ruin it with an offensive costumes.

By Holly Royce
A Malaysian man has been arrested after dressing as a suicide bomber for Halloween party and alarming neighbors.
An official, Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din, spoke to the Malaysian Star and said:
"At about 7.40pm, residents at an apartment in Damansara Perdana came across the man who was dressed as a suicide bomber."
"It was for a Halloween party and he was spotted riding the lift."
The case has been classified as criminal intimidation, and we sure hope the man will think twice before wearing such an offensive Halloween costume next year.
Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, it's hard to ignore the influx of funny, witty and scary costumes that start to fill October.
Then there are some costumes which get people talking for all the wrong reasons, here are some of the most offensive costumes of the last year.
We're not trying to be killjoys, but it's not funny or witty to offend people. Other people's struggles are not good material for costume ideas.
Just don't do it!