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Allen’s Green Frogs are no longer extinct and we’re hopping with reminiscent joy

Bitter-sweet reunion? Allen’s Green Frogs are set to return, and they’ve spawned a new family too!

By Caroline Pepi
Fact: 2015 was the revolutionary year the US legalised same-sex marriage and scientists discovered water on Mars. But lest we forget: it was also the year of the Allen’s Green Frog lolly cull – an act that seems to have shocked/embroiled the nation.
Following a decline in sales figures that instigated the initial cull back in June 2015, Allen’s naturally assumed their Green Frogs were no longer a sought-after lolly, tearing this chewy treat off supermarket shelves faster than you can say Crikey!.
Well, apparently the decision to axe the production of the green sweet left a sour taste in the mouths of Australians everywhere – so much so that Green Frog-loving Aussies across the country demanded their return.
Don’t believe us? Just last year Allen’s Green Frogs made a special appearance at the pop-up Allen’s Lolly Bar in Westfield Sydney and were a hit, selling out in just three days. One superfan even drove from Canberra to Sydney to ensure they didn’t miss out on their Green Frog-fix.
Hoppin’ mad, if you ask us, but each to their own.

Fortunately for these lolly-loving fans, today is the day their cries have been heard with Nestlé’s Head of Marketing – Confectionery, Anna Stewart, confirming the return of the once-exiled frog.
“It’s clear our lolly lovers are a passionate bunch, and we hope our new Frog Family ignites fond memories and creates smiles in homes nationwide,” she explains.
Yes, it’s also worth noting that during the Green Frogs’ absence, the jelly-filled critter has gone and started a family.
Joining him in his return are two new flavours: orange and pineapple.
Hey, we may not be able to spend our Monday arvos swapping lollies in the playground anymore, but at least we now have the means (read: funds/car to drive to the shops) to get our hands on as many Green Frogs as our blood-sugar levels can handle…