Cheers to that! These boozy advent calendars are sure to give you a little extra Christmas spirit

The festive season just got a whole lot jollier.

By Maddison Hockey
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Advent calendars aren't just for the kids.
There's no better way to add to the excitement of a Christmas countdown than with a calendar full of goodies.
It's like 24 miniature Christmases wrapped up in one place, gifting us a tiny bit of joy each day in the lead up to the main event.
Unlike with other advent calendars where there may be a gift or two you wouldn't have chosen for yourself, boozy calendars with your pick of poison are guaranteed to be used up.
Whether its beer, wine, gin, vodka or whisky, there's an advent calendar sure to tickle every tastebud.
We've rounded up the best selection of calendars below, now you just have to BYO a glass.