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You won’t believe how old this age-defying Polish PT is

Let's just say he's got a VERY unique selling point...

By Lorna Gray
We are fascinated by a good old age-defying model. But this new model on the block people has our jaws dropping to the floor.
But not because we can’t believe how old he is… but because we can’t believe how young he is!
Pawel Ladziak, a personal trainer from Poland, spends a fortune making himself look DOUBLE his age.
Can you guess how old Pawel is?

He’s 35…
The fitness fanatic obviously has a young man's body. But he deliberately dyes his hair and beard snowy white to resemble an elderly man - he says it sets him apart from other Instagram models.
We think he's probably right - he's got over 346,000 Instagram followers.
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Pawel says he sometimes gets mistaken for a pensioner. But his glamorous wife Magda doesn't seem to mind.

We can't stop looking at his transformation pictures!

For more ~inspiration~ check out Pawel's Instagram.