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7 real people share their scariest paranormal experience and we're horrified

Get ready to feel those goosebumps.

By Holly Royce
To celebrate Halloween and all those seeking a good scare, we've gathered some of Reddit's best, real-life and genuinely terrifyingparanormal experience stories.
The stories range from dark figures looming over a child's bassinet and then disappearing, to friend's and family members returning to say goodbye.
One thing is for certain; you'll be feeling goosebumps in no time.
The following stories were collected from a serious reply only Reddit thread

A mysterious mark

I don't believe in ghosts. I don't scare easily. I'm not scared of the dark or horror movies or anything like that. I honestly can't remember the last time I was terrified enough to not be able to sleep.
That being said, it was three years ago, and my now wife and I were babysitting her nephews while their parents were on vacation.
During those five days, we stayed at their house and slept in the extra guest bedroom. The residents who lived in that house prior to my sister law had a child die in the house. He was like 8-10 I think and just died in his sleep one night in what is now a guest bedroom.
On the 3rd night of sleeping there, I woke up suddenly at like 4 am. I was sleeping on my back when all of the sudden I felt an open hand slap to my chest. Like hard. Hard enough to wake me up out of a deep sleep. I sleep through thunderstorms and smoke alarms going off.
I'm a deep sleeper.
I shoot up and look over at my wife next to me. Still fast asleep. I get out of bed to check on the kids and sure enough, still asleep as well. I have very sensitive, pale skin that shows any kind of irritation.
Sure enough, I look down and there's a red patch on chest. It's about 5 inches or so wide and just oblong shaped.
To this day I still don't know what happened but something in that room wasn't right.

An abnormal apparition

Was doing laundry in my condo one day (actual apartment, not a common area) and when I turned around to walk away from the washer, something was right there in front of me.
Not "I think I saw something," it was the feeling of turning around and almost walking right into someone. Then suddenly, nothing was there. It's burned into my memory.

A raucous restaurant revenant

My family owned a small restaurant in our small town. One night while taking stock in the cellar around 11:30-midnight, my dad heard a voice scream "get out" and stuff flew off the shelves.
He went home, came back the next day to the same trashed cellar, so it wasn't some delusion or something.

Mysterious Mr Ricardo

I was 6-7 years old, Saturday morning, I wanted to eat cereal, but there was no milk, so I decided to go to a small store that is on the same block as my house.
So I walk to it (50 or so meters away from my house), and I see the owner outside looking at his store which is closed. I say hi to him, he says hello, I ask if they are not opening today and he says not today and I don't think anything of it.
I say, "Ok thank you," he asks me to say hi to my parents for him, "they have been neighbours and friends for more than 30 years at that moment".
I go home make some toast, and I see that my parents are dressing up. I ask them where are they going and my mom says they are going to Mr Ricardo's wake who died last night. Mr Ricardo was the owner of the store I went. The one I saw and talked to 30 mins before.

A stalling soul

Neighbor/Acquaintance committed suicide.
I saw him multiple times in the apartment post his death. I was never ghost/spirit guy, but after Roger passed away and I saw him. I am now.

A vindictive vision

Hearing voices whisper that we were not welcome in the house as the covers were ripped off my bed and flew across the room, immediately prior to a car coming through the wall of my bedroom inches from crushing me.
The car was on a hill and the owner swore he always set his parking brake and turns his wheels in.
Moved out, strange stuff stopped completely. The ghosts can have that house.

A strangers silhouette over the bassinet

When I was a baby a black silhouette stood over my crib, my mom thought it was my eldest brother so she called his name and the black silhouette turned around and went into the closet, so she got up to check on me and check on my three older siblings in a room that was maybe four feet away from the master bedroom and they were all sound asleep, she then checked the closet where the figure went and nothing was there.
I slept in bed with her and my dad until my little brother was born, then we shared a bed in the master bedroom until we got our own room.

One last goodbye

My cousin died in a car accident when she was 20 yrs old. At the time she was living with our grandparents which was a hobby farm about half an hour out of town. She worked late and would get home at about 10:30pm every night. She went off the road while driving home after work one night.
After the accident, i was with my other cousin in her room looking at some of her stuff. She had an alarm clock that would light up different colors and you could plug your phone into it to play music. Its also important to note her room was at the end of a hallway upstairs. We heard someone walk upstairs, then walk down the hallway right outside her door. We opened the door and no one was there, then her alarm clock turned on and set itself to go off at 8am the next morning. Instant goosebumps.