Spring clean your finances

Say hello to the new you. Give your personal finances a healthy money makeover by following this step by step guide.

1. Take stock
Look at where you are at now. What assets do you own? What debts do you have? Is there more income than expenses left at the end of each month?
2. Focus on dreams
Think about what you'd do if money was no issue. How would you live? Now think again: what if you found out you'd only live for one more year. You will suffer no pain but, after a year, that's it! What would you like now? Ideally, what would be really important to you? Try to visualise yourself in the ideal way you'd like to be now. From here, write down what your new goals are.
3. Cost the important goals
How much do you need to pay for the things that are really important to you now? You might need less than you think. It could be that you're not that far from doing what you want now — many goals aren't that expensive or they may cost nothing at all. Put the goals in rank order, with the most important thing.
4. Brainstorm
Brainstorm the actions you can use to get you from your current position to achieve your goals. An action might be to make a phone call, research on the Internet or visit a friend or colleague.
5. Timeline
Now that you know the goals most important to you and the possible ways of reaching them, plan a timeline of the most effective ways to execute your brainstorming ideas from step four. From the timeline, put your actions into your diary at a specific time and date.

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