The amount of money teen "Influencers" make off Snapchat is everything that's wrong with the world

We had paper routes, influencers on social media have Snapchat — it's all generationally relative, right?

A paper route got you a measly couple bucks a week! These teenage influencers on social media are racking in more cash than most of us "actual adults" see in a freakin' month. According to the New York Post:
"Co-founder Timothy Armoo said the service has worked on over 300 campaigns with its 1,000 influencers who attract between 10,000 and one million views per Snap. 'Last month, our highest earner was a 17-year-old kid who got $7,000 through delivering ads in our network,' he told Adweek. 'The average person is making around $2,000 a month.'”
"Each influencer is given a 'Fanbytes Score,' which helps determine how much cash they will receive from the advertising — those with up to 25,000 followers can expect to earn around $1,500 per month, while those with 150,000 plus receive upwards of $6,500."
We're sorry, but for a lack of a better descriptor — that's total horsesh*t. Yeah yeah, the power of social media is vast and unwavering, but what does a 13 year old need $7,000 a month for? To buy comic books?
Do teens even read comic books anymore? We're so out of touch.
Er, maybe we're just jealous. After all, university is expensive and HECS-HELP debts could very well be resolved by youth employment with Snapchat. Now isn't that a happy (ridiculous) thought? We suppose stranger things have happened in 2017 and we should just get used to the younger generations trampling over us with their tech-savvy brains and enviable ability to always choose the perfect filter for any occasion.
To all you parents out there pressuring your kids to become doctors or lawyers, save your breathe. Hand them an iPhone straight out of the womb and get that social media training started — ASAP. By Kindergarten they'll be paying the mortgage on your house.
This story was originally published on FHM