Age isn't just a number for this employer

A Spanish businesswomen has said that she would not hire a woman between the ages of 25 and 45 incase they fell pregnant.

SPEAKING to business leaders in Madrid last week, Monica Oriol, the chairwoman of the security and cleaning services company, Seguriber, said once women became pregnant businesses ended up with a problem.
"I prefer to hire women older than 45 or younger than 25 because when women become pregnant, we end up with a problem," the mother of six said.
"If a woman falls pregnant and you can't get rid of her for the eleven years after she's had her child, who is a company employing?"
Earlier this year, an Australian report found that women, while victims, were also the biggest offenders when it came to discrimination at work.
Sex discrimination officer, Elizabeth Broderick said at the time: "Some of the worst discrimination came from female managers discriminating against other females".
"There needs to be a zero tolerance of discriminatory behaviour applied towards women in the workplace and they need to be assured they won't be victimised for speaking out."
Ms Oriol later apologised for her comments.

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