Former X Factor contestants slam ‘sickening’ conditions

They claim they were subjected to long hours, with no breaks, or even water.

Ex-contestants and members of the music industry have slammed the working conditions on The X Factor Australia, claiming they were horrendous.
The Sydney Morning Herald spoke to the singers, some anonymously as they couldn’t be named because of non-disclosure agreements, although others were keen to make their voices heard.
Johanna Vitalone, who was part of a mother and daughter duo from last year’s show, says it feels like contestants are being deliberately set up to fail.
"I think the reason they put a lot of stress on young people and don't give them water or breaks is for ratings. It makes people break down more when they're run down," she told The Sydney Morning Herald.
"A little boy fainted during filming. I think he was around 14. We were filming from really early in the morning and nobody had any water."
Johanna Vitalone with Guy.
A contestant from this year’s show said people fell sick during filming:
"A lot of the contestants fell sick afterwards because we had to wait all day to be interviewed and it was freezing. One contestant fell really ill and he spent the whole three days of bootcamp in bed rest."
Others complained about the psychological stress, claiming they were asked about deaths and emotional times in their lives during interviews to try to provoke reactions.
"Some people came out of interviews and had been crying," she said. "They really manipulate you and ask probing questions to try and make you emotional."
"They really, really hound the kids psychologically in interviews to see what pushes their buttons and see what upsets them," agent added. "I find that quite sickening."
A spokesperson for Channel Seven categorically denied claims of artist mistreatment and said the show relied on good relationships with its talent.
It comes as Isaiah Firebrace is announced as this year's winner.

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