What young Australian women are reading

Yes, young women still read magazines, but they might not be reading the titles you think.
Australians have always loved their magazines. In fact, we have one of the highest levels of magazine consumption in the world, spending $850 million last year on our favourite glossies.
But would you know exactly what it is certain age groups are reading? The results might just surprise you.
Swear you've left your latest copy of The Weekly on your coffee table, and now it's mysteriously disappeared? You might just want to check on its whereabouts with your Gen Y daughter.
Roy Morgan's latest readership data has revealed some surprising results about the magazines young women pick up each month.
While a quick guess as to the three most commonly read magazines by Generation Y women (aged 25 to 34) might garner responses such as Cosmopolitan, Cleo or Marie Claire, it's in fact Woman's Day, Better Homes & Gardens and The Weekly that comprise the top three magazines read by this age group.
Almost three in ten women check out the latest issue of one or more of these titles each month.
Gen Y mums are more likely to take inspiration for everything from food, home design and crafts from Better Homes & Gardens, as well as foodie titles such as Super Food Ideas or Recipes +.
Those sans kids favour the news and current affairs slant of The Weekly, and are driven towards other, health, fashion and gossip mags like Women's Health and Famous.

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