Tomorrow, When the War Began TV series details revealed!

Finally details about the Tomorrow, When the War Began TV series have been revealed and we are so excited!

By Blake Nadilo
It’s the book series loved by an entire generation before it was turned into a mega successful film, and now television is getting a taste of Tomorrow, When the War Began.
Finally the full cast has been announced and as a result has set the bar of anticipation to dizzying heights!
The main cast is made up of fresh-faced young Aussies, including Molly Daniels as Ellie and Jon Prasida as Lee.
Narek Arman will play Homer, Madeleine Madden as Corrie, Fantine Banulski as Robyn, Keith Purcell as Chris and newcomers Madeleine Clunies-Ross as Fi and Andrew Creer as Kevin.
It's not just new faces starring in the series, with a slew of Australian acting favourites also making up part of the cast.
Deborah Mailman and Packed to the Rafters alumni James Stewart, who recently split from partner Jessica Marais, announced to star in the series, as well as Sibylla Budd and Allison Bell.
Tomorrow, When the War Began will begin airing next year on ABC3 with six, one hour episodes.
According to The Courier, the regional Victorian town of Clunes has been selected as the location for the series and it looks as though it’ll make a perfect Wirrawee – the war-ravaged township dreamt up by John Marsden in his 1993 book series.
This isn’t the first time the picturesque town has been splashed across the screen either, it was also used as the location for the original Mad Max.
The Museum on the main street of Clunes, Victoria.
The local Shire’s councillor Neil Newitt told the paper that the community of 2000 can expect a great economic boost from the production, and that we’ll be able to see at least 30 residents as extras.
“All the accommodation is filled with film crews, so we will see a boost from that,” he added about the economic value of the series.
“But also, if the series is successful, people will come back to see the place where scenes from their favourite book were shot.”
The Councillor also explained that the town’s main street is a “gem” for directors due to its stunning and timeless appearance.
The series producer, Michael Boughen, who also worked on the film adaptation discussed the powerful connection audiences feel to the well-loved story.
Tomorrow When the War Began has connected to so many Australians since the book was first published in 1993,” he said.
We couldn’t agree more!

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