The Wrong girl renewed for season two!

It's the bold new show Australia has fallen in love with so fans will be rejoicing to learn The Wrong Girl has been given the green light for another season!

By Bella Brennan
The Wrong Girl will be returning to our airwaves in 2017.
Channel Ten confirmed the exciting news during their upfronts on Friday.
The popular new series, which is based on Zoe Foster Blake's 2014 book, follows television producer Lily Woodward (played by Jessica Marais) as she enters into a controversial relationship with her colleague and best friend's ex-boyfriend, Jack Winters (played by Rob Collins).
The show has been well-received among viewers and praised for it incredible ensemble cast.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, an elated Zoe congratulated the entire cast and crew on the second season.
"Ladies and gentlemen, and also you guys: WE'RE GOING AGAIN!! Yes, The Wrong Girl, season two, will air in 2017," the author penned.
"A wonderful testament to the hard work and vision of Playmaker, the writers, the crew, Channel 10, and of course, that dazzling cast."
"But also Thank YOU for your enthusiastic support for the show. I read every single one of your comments; none are taken for granted, and holy shit you won't even BELIEVE what happens in the final two eps of this season and particularly the final one, but whatever, no big deal. Also ummm, like, read the book already. #thewronggirl #yassss," the beauty mogul concluded.
Jessica Marais plays Lily Woodward on the show.

This week, fans of the show were delighted when Zoe make a very sneaky cameo alongside her real-life husband Hamish Blake, who plays daggy weatherman Hamilton.
"When filming on The Wrong Girl started, I joked with (writer) Judi McCrossin that I wanted to be an extra, as a fun little easter egg for readers of the book. But I totally meant it and then aggressively followed it up with death threats etc until they conceded. Gave me some lines, too," Zoe revealed on Instagram.
"So, don't blink and you'll see me on tomorrow night's episode. (Ch 10, 8:30) And look, I don't want to brag or anything but I was definitely a better actor than that notebook."
We can't wait to see what antics the cast get up to in 2017!
Hamish and Zoe were utterly adorable during their sneaky cameo on the show!

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