The Block: Teams in total meltdown!

In what's set to be another drama packed week on The Block, one couple is in serious strife while another threatens to quit.
Competiton favourites, Maxine and Karstan, come under fire after the other teams accuse the engaged couple of cheating.
“We’re just as shocked as everyone one else – it was a massive shock to us,” admits Max, who says she was hurt to find out the other contestants had accused them of cheating.
The scandal erupts as their fellow teams, including close pals, Chris and Jenna, begin to question the way they are budgeting for their build.
“We joked about it but we wanted them audited,” confirms Jenna.
But as the pressure mounts each week, even the closest of friendships in the Glasshouse, are starting to be tested.
“It’s the fact their apartment is so big,” explains Michael; “and that there is a lot of labour there a lot of the time. It made me think something else was up because there is a strict set of rules we all have to follow.”
Each team was allocated $100,000 when work began on the Glasshouse with some teams picking up extra cash and prizes through room reveal wins, jury wins and successful challenges.
Michael says rules, including a set minimum hourly rate for tradesmen and labourers, are in place to prevent contestants employing mates on the cheap or paying less in return for publicity.
As Max and Karstan anxiously await the outcome of the audit, the couple from Newcastle insist they have done nothing wrong.
Meanwhile underdogs Chris and Jenna have their own problems to deal with when their builders walk off the job in a dispute over pay.
But that’s not all. Brothers Shannon and Simon also come to blows when Simon threatens to walk away.
“I’m over it,” Simon says before walking out.

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