Behind the scenes of the Block: Relive every nail-biting second of The Block season 8 finale

It's like the first viewing all over again!

Cast your mind back to 2014, when The Block team gave us that timeless masterpiece that is The Block: Fans v Faves.

Featuring the return of some of our favourites, Brad Cranfield and Dale Vine from season 5 alongside Alisa and Lysandra Fraser, the twins from 2013 Sky High series.

The charismatic personalities were pitted up against two 'underdog' couples: Chantelle Ford and Steve O'Donnell and Kyal and Kara Demmerich.

Now you remember it like it was yesterday, don't you?

In the jaw-dropping series finale, underdog couple Steve and Chantelle were crowned the winners of The Block: Fans V Faves.

During the record-breaking auctions, the chimney sweep and milliner from Melbourne took out the renovating competition.

The end result, which saw the duo take home $736,000 in profits, after their luxury apartment sold for over $2,470,000, shocked viewers and fellow contestants.

Relive every minute of it below!

Check out all the behind scene pictures from the record-breaking auctions here.

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