Sealed with a kiss! The Bachelorette’s Sam Frost has her first on-screen pash

If the producers of The Bachelorette stopped reminding us, we’d easily forget that Sam Frost’s heart was smashed into tiny pieces last year, because every episode we fall more in love with her.

By Blake Nadilo
Australia tuned in again last night to The Bachelorette and witnessed the beginnings of a love story matched only by Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski’s.
From the minute Sam Frost, 26, laid eyes on Sasha Mielczarek, 30, from Sydney she was tongue tied and admitted he made her nervous and now three episodes in, the pair have shared the show’s first kiss, and boy, was it passionate!
After the lovebird’s first single date, where they danced the romantic tango, they sat down during the cocktail party to debrief.
During the encounter, it was revealed that Sasha and Sam share common ground after both experiencing their parent’s divorce.
Before the construction manager admitted that he was once engaged – something else Sam can relate to!
Perhaps the greatest thing about last night’s episode was the lead up to their very steamy pash, with Sasha telling Miss Frost, “It's difficult because I just want to kiss you right now.”
Pucker up: The kiss that got the entire nation talking!
Sam – clearly a woman who knows what she wants – responded simply with, “you should.”
“Kissing Sash for the first time, I can't describe it - it was exactly how it was supposed to feel,” the love stuck reality star told the cameras after they locked lips.
Meanwhile Drew Woolford from Queensland was given the boot after the Melbourne beauty feared he wasn't thick-skinned enough to deal with her dating multiple guys at once.
It seems having the first kiss of the season is a good omen too, with The Bachelor winner Snezana being the first to make out with Sam Wood – good luck Sasha!

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