The top five most memorable moments from the Bachelor 2016

It's been one hell of a season! This year we fell in love with Keira's catch-phrases, Sasha's rose eating and Richie's nervous giggle.

By Chloe Lal
There's no doubt Richie's surprise decision to pick Alex over Nikki shocked the nation!
And now we finally know who he's fallen for, we look back at the most memorable moments from this season:
1. The world’s sweetest date that was very unhygienic
Baths can be sexy and chocolate… well it gets us excited. But why would you BATHE in chocolate? To find out if you’re meant to be with that person for the rest of your life, that’s why!
Alex deserves more than rose for this date! Relive it in all its messy, parental-guidance-definitely-needed glory in the player below... Continue scrolling for more Bachie shocks!
While we imagine they were hoping for a steamy session, things escalated to Whack Town quickly.
Kissing 22 girls may be a little much for some… but bathing in chocolate certainly takes the cake!
Of course Twitter went into a sticky meltdown. Our personal favourite comment was from Dan Debuf who remarked, “Bring on the oompa loompas and put this date out of its misery!”
Why would anyone do such a thing...
Our queen... May she be the next Bachelorette!
2. The unofficial queen of the show Keira
Keira Maguire was unequivocally one of the most spectacular of from the season.
Dubbed the mansion’s Queen Villain and part-time Lara Bingle lookalike, the 30-year-old delivered sass more times than Richie locked lips with the contestants.
Figuring out her best jabs is our personal Sophie’s Choice.
Whether she’s calling you a peasant or getting so bored she screams "bed" over and over, Miss Maguire we miss you! After Keira's departure, the role of the resident villain was quickly handed to Rachael.
Relive the magic that is Keira in the video player below!
It could have been love... but it's over now!
3. The time front-runner Megan walked out and fell for a fellow Bachelorette
We’re still reeling over this one!
She was stunning blonde that was sure to win Richie’s heart… But the WA local who loves to free dive just wan't feeling it!
After eliminating herself before Richie had the chance to, Megan reminded the nation that love is indeed a two way street.
And perhaps it was because she was feeling was an uber close “friendship” with fellow contestant, Tiffany.
She walked out on Richie and straight into the arms of her bestie, Tiffany!
4. When Richie made the girls eat guts to prove their love
The *Bachelor( is a competition, and this season, good 'ol Richie ran with it.
The 31-year-old “thought it'd be fantastic to get together and have a bit of a Highland hoedown.”
Involving food in a creative way is something Rich is particularly fond of (see the chocolate date above) and the hoedown was no different.
What better way to profess your love for a man than chowing down on haggis (a savoury pudding containing sheep's heart, liver and lungs) in a competitive manner.
Relive the many times the girls literally had to compete for golden boy Richie... More below!
Yay! Literally eating our way to your heart.
5. When Hamish Blake helped friend-zone Faith
Hamish Blake rounds out what has been a magical season filled with chocolate, sheep’s innards and peasants by fulfilling his destiny of being the world’s worst toddler.
The 34-year-old, who has a toddler himself, discovered the joys of being adult sized friend-zoner.
Joining sweet Faith on her single date with Richie proved to be a delight for the viewers but a fright for the lovebirds.
The moment you realise dad's not getting mum's ice cream...
Jumping into his role as “Rory” he posed many important questions like: “My daddy's type is blondes. What does it mean? Does daddy have a type?”
And the new classic, "Do you like the ice cream inside mummy?"
Watch the hilarious date unfold in the player below!
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