Ten new crime books you need to read

The Weekly has the crime section of your bookshelf sorted.

Since Gone Girl cashed in, publishers have been fixated on relationship-driven psychological thrillers and this one - Disclaimer, by debut UK author Renee Knight - has been garnering significant hype.

This is one of the ten books on The Weekly's latest crime-novels-to-read list.

Also making the cut is Fallout by Paul Thomas. Tito Ihaki - the main character - is the kind of detective who doesn’t necessarily rely on the courts to dispense justice. The son of a passionate trade unionist, he’s never overly concerned about authority. Yet he agrees to investigate a cold case close to his boss’ heart in return for permission to conduct his own investigation into his father’s sudden death.

And Friday on My Mind by Nicci French is also a standout. A body is found floating in the Thames, with a hospital band around their wrist with the name Dr. F Klein. Kelin however is safe and well, but as detectives launch an investigation, all evidence points to the abrasive yet strangely likeable psychotherapist as chief suspect. Klein is left fighting to save both her reputation and her life.

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