Stephanie Dixon leaves The Bachelor Australia

Being an intruder on The Bachelor is no easy task but Stephanie Dixon certainly gave it her best shot!

We caught up with the last-standing intruder to talk about her time in the house.
What did you think of Richie when you first met him?
I thought he was awesome! He was a lot more confident than I thought he would be and of course he is a good looking lad.
What are your feelings towards him now that you're out of the mansion?
I think he is a genuine person who will go with his heart. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make the best decision possible for himself which is really good.
Is there anything about you that you wished Richie had got to know or got to know differently?
I wish we had a bit more time to get to know each other. In that environment it is hard to open up so there wasn’t enough time. But it was a wicked experience.
What was your favourite moment from your time on the show?
When I first entered. That was awesome, going in on a quad bike, it showed my personality and it was the start of something really awesome.
They got along like a house on fire! So what went wrong for Steph?
What’s next for you after leaving the show?
I’m looking at going on a tour around Europe and then go back to work – to the real world…damn it!
Do you still believe in love?
Oh yeah absolutely!
What advice would you give to the girls left in bach pad?
Be their happy selves.
Who do you think is going to win?
I really don’t know. I couldn’t really pick it!
Get to know intruder Steph in the video player below!

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